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Jeanine L. Stevens / Partner

Practice: Trials 
Education: J.D., DePaul University, 1984
B.A., Zoology and Psychology, DePaul University, 1981
Bar Admissions: Illinois
Jeanine L. Stevens is the founder and principal of Stevens Law Group. In the last 35+ years, she has represented victims in wrongful death, medical malpractice and other types of personal injury actions, with over $6M in settlements arising out of child sexual abuse by clergy and family members.She also defended the Houston Astros and Craig Biggio in a wrongful death action. 

You have the right to be compensated for pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, wage loss, medical expenses, and out of pocket costs related to the injury.


Are you overwhelmed by medical and other bills or are you experiencing constant pain and discomfort?


Sample Case Results

$8.2 million settlement with hospital for failing to properly diagnose a severe infection in 32-year-old woman.
Over $6 million in settlements arising out of child sexual abuse by clergy and family members.
$3 million settlement with Metra arising out of Metra’s failure to provide a safe place for 50-year-old railroad worker to perform his job, resulting in a fall of thirty feet and severe brain injury. 
$2.63 million verdict against a radiologist for failing to properly read and interpret an MRI scan of the brain, resulting in severe brain infection and permanent brain damage to a 64-year-old man. 
$2.5 million settlement with a private school bus company for a 16-year-old severely mentally handicapped girl who was raped by her school bus attendant, resulting in the birth of her son. 
$2.3 million settlement with a university hospital for a neurosurgeon’s negligence in performing spine surgery at the wrong level of the spine, resulting in permanent disability to a 60-year-old former professional soccer player.
$2 million settlement with anesthesiologist and hospital arising out of his negligence in placing epidural needle in 82-year-old patient’s spinal cord, resulting in paraplegia. 
$2 million settlement with a family practitioner for failing to diagnose and treat breast cancer in a 31-year-old pregnant mother, resulting in mastectomy. 
$1.9 million settlement with doctor and hospital for failing to timely report to a 30-year-old patient his lab values representing severely uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, resulting in his death. 
$1.63 million verdict against a doctor for failing to timely diagnosis and treat laryngeal cancer in 60-year-old woman, resulting in her loss of larynx and eventual death. 
$1.575 million verdict against a doctor and hospital in Indiana arising out of the doctor’s improper treatment of a 37-year-old asthma patient, resulting in her death. 
$1.25 million settlement (maximum available under Indiana Medical Malpractice Statute) with anesthesiologist who failed to properly monitor a 4-year-old girl during a routine umbilical hernia repair surgery, resulting in severe brain damage due to a prolonged lack of oxygen. 
$1.25 million verdict against a rheumatologist for failing to timely diagnosis and treat lupus erythematosus in the 32-year-old mother of three, resulting in her death. 
$1,050,000 settlement with hospital and gynecologist for incorrect diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy in a 28-year-old woman, resulting in the improper administration of methotrexate and the death of the fetus.
$650,000 settlement with Alexian Brothers Medical Center for failing to diagnose coronary artery disease in the ER in 65-year-old-woman, resulting in death 2 hours after ER discharge. 

$1.1 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

$1.1 million settlement with a university hospital arising out of negligence in performing a modified radical neck dissection, resulting in permanent shortness of breath, in a 56 year-old woman.

Court Admissions 

United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois 
United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit 
United States District Court of Colorado 


Professional Memberships and Activities 

American Bar Association 
American Trial Lawyers Association 
Illinois State Bar Association 
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association 
Society of Trial Lawyers