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Verdicts & Settlements


$8.2 million settlement with hospital for failing to properly diagnose a severe infection in 32-year-old woman.

$1,050,000 settlement with hospital and gynecologist for incorrect diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy in a 28-year-old woman, resulting in the improper administration of methotrexate and the death of the fetus. 

$650,000 settlement with Alexian Brothers Medical Center for failing to diagnose coronary artery disease in the ER in 65-year-old-woman, resulting in death 2 hours after ER discharge.

$2.63 million verdict against a radiologist for failing to properly read and interpret an MRI scan of the brain, resulting in severe brain infection and permanent brain damage to a 64-year-old man.

$1.575 million verdict against a doctor and hospital in Indiana arising out of the doctor’s improper treatment of a 37-year-old asthma patient, resulting in her death.

$1.63 million verdict against a doctor for failing to timely diagnosis and treat laryngeal cancer in 60-year-old woman, resulting in her loss of larynx and eventual death.

$1.25 million verdict against a rheumatologist for failing to timely diagnosis and treat lupus erythematosus in the 32-year-old mother of three, resulting in her death.

$2.3 million settlement with a university hospital for a neurosurgeon’s negligence in performing spine surgery at the wrong level of the spine, resulting in permanent disability to a 60-year-old former professional soccer player.

$1.9 million settlement with doctor and hospital for failing to timely report to a 30-year-old patient his lab values representing severely uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, resulting in his death.

$1.25 million settlement (maximum available under Indiana Medical Malpractice Statute) with anesthesiologist who failed to properly monitor a 4-year-old girl during a routine umbilical hernia repair surgery, resulting in severe brain damage due to a prolonged lack of oxygen. 

$3 million settlement with Metra arising out of Metra’s failure to provide a safe place for 50-year-old railroad worker to perform his job, resulting in a fall of thirty feet and severe brain injury. 

$2 million settlement with anesthesiologist and hospital arising out of his negligence in placing epidural needle in 82-year-old patient’s spinal cord, resulting in paraplegia. 

$2.5 million settlement with a private school bus company for a 16-year-old severely mentally handicapped girl who was raped by her school bus attendant, resulting in the birth of her son.

$2 million settlement with a family practitioner for failing to diagnose and treat breast cancer in a 31-year-old pregnant mother, resulting in mastectomy.